Beer Diplomacy [EP100] Topics and Recollections 

Tonight, May 14th, 2012, we’ll be recording and streaming Episode 100 of Beer Diplomacy!  It has been an amazing ride from the ad-hoc, impromptu one-off show with Justin Robert Young over 2 years ago, to working with Ohdoctah, to settling into KoPoint Studios.  I can remember those early shows where Owen and I would drink more than we should have, and got way too drunk for prime time.  Great times like when Leo Laporte blindly agreed to “talk politics and drink booze,” and interviewing Jeffrey Hayzlett in a women’s restroom.  As a matter of fact, I believe each and every episode of Beer Diplomacy has been a unique and memorable experience.

All the thanks and appreciation I can muster goes out to everyone who as ever touched or been touched by any part of Beer Diplomacy.  I surely can’t name everyone but a few surely deserve recognition here in this post.  Huge thanks goes out to:

  • JanMichael Guzman – Thanks for your support and for designing an amazing site & logo, which I now have permanently tattooed on my body.
  • Brian Brushwood – For walking me through how to build a rig that can handle multiple Skype streams, and for supporting a fledgling podcast that surely benefited from such star-power. You’re a real Mensch, Brushwood!
  • Owen JJ Stone – Ohdoctah was my cohost for the first 30-40 episodes – couldn’t have done it without you, bruddah!
  • Justin Robert Young – for co-creating the show concept, and for all your support.  There might not be a Beer Diplomacy without you and that one fateful show! Thanks!
  • Leo Laporte – I know I mentioned this above, but Leo had no idea who I was, and generously decided to come on the show… and then did it a total of three times! Leo, you brought a legitimacy to what I was doing that helped me book other amazing guests and continue to do so to this day! Thanks!
  • Baratunde Thurston Man, you’ve been on the show more times than any other guest, and you’re also the busiest guy I know.  We became friends via your blind acceptance to join us and a great first show, and you’ve proven the value of friendship with your unwavering support of Beer Diplomacy!
  • RabidBadger – our fearless chat moderator.  This guy has been the most supportive voice since episode 1! He’s attended over 90 of 100 live streams, and is just a pleasure to have as a part of the show!  Thanks for everything, man!

Now on to EP100!!  Tonight, we’re very honored to welcome some of our favorite guests of the past 100 episodes, in person at KoPoint Studios! We’ll be joined by Jim Louderback, Baratunde Thurston, Peter Shankman, Ron Williams, Patrice Callender, Harrison Greenbaum, and more!  Tonight’s topics will include:

Tune in at 7PM Eastern Time at

Last but not least, thanks to Dan Patterson and KoPoint for giving Beer Diplomacy a new lease on life.  Not sure if everyone knows this, but I was considering throwing in the towel after episode 100, and now that we’re doing the show from a studio, and really growing up professionally, who knows when and if we’ll ever stop.  Thanks for all of your support.  Keep listening, and spread the word!